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Systematic use of words whose meanings one has not mastered, the mechanical repetition of ready-made formulae, are behaviours that characterize magic. And the ability of the media to impose them and spread them across the planet in a few days is terrifying. Because these words and formulae have a meaning; they speak the truth about the world; but that truth escapes us nevertheless, and those who enjoy its benefits have the impunity of limited liability companies. Globalization is more perverse than colonization in that its actors are less easily identifiable even though it is imposed on everyone. We all have the feeling that we are colonized but we do not know who by, in not by apparently abstract entities with terribly concrete effects: Market, Stock Exchange, Crisis, Growth, Employment, Investors and Economic Agents. They have replaced the Destiny and Fate which under various names have always had a place in human mythologies. It is hard here to resist the temptation to quote Marx's image of an 'enchanted, perverted, topsy-turvy world, in which Monsieur le Capital and Madame la Terre do their ghost-walking as social characters and at the same time directly as mere things.'
Marc Augé, The Future

фрагмент одного из моих коллажей и отрывок из классной книги, которую недавно прочитала

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